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Clive Staples Lewis is a character that appears in every book of The Space Trilogy (and The Dark Tower) based on C.S. Lewis himself. Lewis is friends with Ransom, and they both are philologists. He is first introduced to the reader in the last chapter of Out of the Silent Planet, when Lewis accidentally stumbles across the word 'Oyarsa' and asks Ransom what the word means through a letter. Ransom then invites Lewis to come over his house and Ransom tells him the whole story of him travelling to Malacandra. In Perelandra, Lewis is the narrator rather then a side character, and Ransom tells Lewis of his adventure instead of Ransom being the narrator. In That Hideous Strength and The Dark Tower Lewis plays a very small role, usually only being in only a chapter or two.

Since the Dark Tower is of uncertain authorship, the C.S. Lewis character in that is not necessarily a self-representation.

Cultural references[]

Stephen R. Lawhead's Song of Albion trilogy contains numerous references to and parallels to the Space Trilogy. These include materialistic endeavors to gain access to forbidden worlds for material gain. Other references to the series include a main character named Lewis and a minor villain named Weston.